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Transition Care

Leaving the controlled space of a hospital can be tough on seniors. Once home, your loved one may fall back into old habits or neglect parts of their on-going treatment which could result in remittance. At least 1 in 5 people with Medicare have reported having to return to the hospital within a month of their initial discharge.

Returning Home Post Discharge Care Services

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Returning Home Post Discharge Care Services
In order to ensure that our clients stay out of the hospital, Stay At Home Senior Care offers an intuitive range of services. The 30 days following discharge are the most critical in terms of establishing a life-style that is both comfortable and manageable. Our caregivers will handle these important aspects of transition by monitoring medications, doctor visits, nutrition, and hydration which all play a vital role in keeping your loved one in their home and out of the hospital bed.
When looking for in home health care, safety and peace of mind are so important. Stay At Home Senior Care has provided safe, loving and quality care for my mother.
— Dr. Cora Haskins

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